Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Apparent Dip Music Club #1 - David Francey

Song 1 on my music club (shamelessly ripped off from the good people at crooks and liars), this is David Francey, a Canadian folk singer I ran into about a year ago. Only one of his albums is available in the US right now, but I fortunately have a Canadian geologist friend who supplied me with the rest. Now just to get him to tour in the states. If you listen to enough David Francey you definitely hear hints of Stan Rogers, more the spirit of Rogers, not some kind of rip off, because who could duplicate Stan, more the sensibility of Rogers. One hell of a lyricist.


Beth Girdler said...

Hi from David Francey's wife! Thanks for the great comments about David. I enjoyed reading the rest of your blog. Great pictures of Lake Manly.

David does make it to the states by the way. Hopefully more often in the near future.

I hope you don't mind, but I was so amazed to see that you had a video of a show David did I copied your link onto our News blog. I had no idea they existed outside the original format.

yours, Beth

Thermochronic said...

Excellent! I am very excited. I have seen that David Francey is appearing in both Seattle and Portland in February. Truth is I am close enough now I should just see a show in Canada.

I am sure future music clubs will feature more David Francey videos, YouTube has a handful now.

And I am excited about being included in the news blog, I am a subscriber to the mailing list myself.