Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Racetrack, Death Valley, California

So, Many of you will recognize these. Well, when I say many of you, I mean me, who is the only person really reading this blog. But, just in case you stumbled across this page, and know the answer to my question......the Racetrack, in Death Valley, these immense rocks "mysteriously" move across one end of a playa. Allegedly, no one has ever seen these rocks move. They can be quite large, much heavier than even I, with my superhuman sterngth, could not move. I have seen other geologists present theories on how they move, and anyone who has walked on wet playa mud or been in Death Valley during heavy winds can imagine them being blown all over the place. My question is, are there other places in the world with the same "moving rocks?" Anyone? Thanks.

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